Frequently Asked Questions

What day of the week will my lawn be serviced?

We begin each week with businesses and then move on to residential lawns. We arrange the residential service day by location of the area we are in that day of the week.

When should I expect my bill?

Invoices are sent out on the first day of the month. All charges from the previous month are included on the invoice.

How do I arrange extra weekly or annual services?

It is best to use our contact form or the free estimate form on our home page of the website. You can easily provide us with the information necessary to get the work estimated and completed as quickly as possible. If you prefer to speak with someone, feel free to call us. 260-221-1776

Why was my lawn not serviced this week?

If your lawn is not serviced on the routine day, the cause is normally poor weather. If your lawn is not serviced for an entire week, it is likely due to excessive sun with no precipitation. We take care not to stress already weak grass during these dry periods.

Can I request a specific day for service?

Yes, please request it before the mowing season begins, we will try to fulfill your request. If the schedule is such that your request cannot be fulfilled, we will work with you to find a solution. If you are adamant of a particular day an Emergency Trip Charge may be added to your invoice for services for each Emergency Trip we make.

If you are requesting a specific day on a one time basis to have your lawn freshly mowed (wedding, anniversary, party, etc.) please contact us at least one week in advance to the specific day so our crews can work it into the schedule. An Emergency Trip charge will be added to these request.

Can I request to be skipped one week?

Yes. We appreciate it greatly if you can email or phone us at least 24 hours in advance to your service day.

Can I set up a payment plan for lawn services?

Yes. We offer a 12 month payment plan to allow customers to make a smaller monthly payment over the course of 12 months. We require all customers who request a payment plan to sign a 1 year contract for services.

How is pricing for lawn services determined?

Service cost is determined by the length of time to complete the job, equipment used, manpower and supplies required. This sometimes is reflective of property size, but can become highly disproportionate if there are many trim areas required.

Can I arrange short term lawn service?

Yes. Let us know when you call for service if you desire to be a seasonal contract customer or a limited time account.

What type of equipment does Stump's Lawn Care use?

We use all the latest equipment available to the lawn care and snow removal industry. We use products from, Walker, Echo, Honda, Stihl, Exmark, and Western to name a few.

How long has Stump's Lawn Care been operating?

We have been servicing customers in Northeast Indiana for 13 years. Owner Justin Stump has over 19 years of experience in the Lawn Care Industry.

Is Stump's Lawn Care insured?

Yes. We are fully licensed and insured. Stump's Lawn Care provides all documentation upon request by our customers.

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